Getting to Yes – Create Context to Connect

Getting to Yes – Create Context to Connect

I enjoy The Ubiquitous Librarian, he speaks on a range of topics. Makes sense a librarian would have such a broad understanding of people and ideas.

This morning’s article in the Chronicle was about “getting to yes”. His advice was to build the story and connect it with potential needs. Don’t ask, pitch. His example was a librarian in a dental school who asked for a 3D printer but was quickly shut down by whomever held the purse strings. He suggested fleshing out the “ask” by building a context, which he called a plot – immediately more engaging and much harder to deny.

Are there courses or certain assignments that would benefit from a 3D printer? Is this common in medical or dental libraries? Has anyone asked about it? Have you had any informal conversations with users on it? How much would it cost? Would it be free or would you need to charge a fee? Where would it be located? Is there anyone on campus who might help or even donate older hardware? What does success look like? How would you measure it? What stories (impact) would this 3D printer enable you (and your boss) to tell about the library?

His nugget –  “Get me hooked. Make it hard for me to say no.” Sounds like great teaching to me.



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