So much discussion about the unbundling of educational services, so long the purview of the Ivory Tower. Technology has stolen the loose ends of the guidewire for learning. Is the badge the new diploma? MOOCs, Utube, OER, Google . . . we all know that in this information age, knowledge is but a click away.

Georgetown University is handling the disruption in some creative ways based on this article in the Chronicle – Red House. Two pieces of the discussion jumped out at me –

linking informal and extracurricular activities on the campus more clearly to courses and other official academic activities. He argues that this “experience wrapping” is the kind of thing that will keep traditional colleges relevant as the ground beneath them shifts.

and the idea of –

Intersections, an online course that Georgetown students took during the summer while they worked at community-service internships off campus. One student worked on road safety in Tanzania, another helped form an NGO in Bangladesh, and a third tutored low-income kids in San Francisco. Each night the far-flung students would log onto the course website to work through class assignments, posting about their experiences to online journals with essays, poems, and other formats, and using Skype and social media to connect with one another. The goal was to create a “community of reflection” and help the students take away deeper lessons from their work.

Experience wrapping and online sharing of intersections – that kind of campus hub supports the spokes of exploration quite well. Can it be scaled? Anxious to see how Georgetown does with this sticky wicket.


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